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My PC hangs when utorrent is running (not a noob)


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OK as I've just stated I aint a total noob so I'm going to be as thorough as possible to try and get help identifying this problem. Also I am not blaming utorrent here for anything I'm just pointing out that this only happens when this particular piece of software is running on my system.

The problem:

As the topic says, whenever utorrent is running (usually for about an hour or so) my system will hang and I need to manually restart. It doesn't matter if I am leeching or just seeding, it will happen after X amount of time guarenteed. If there are any sounds or music playing at the time of the crash they will stutter and play on an endless loop and NO user input is possible at all. This has ONLY started happening very recently since reinstalling windows XP.

My System:

I am running a Dual Core system with 2 gigs of ram and twin 250 SATA Drives (not RAIDed or anything). I am connected wirelessly to a Speedtouch 780WL router and my ISP is Be Unlimited (sync at about 6000kbps down and 1000kbps up). My brother is hooked into the same router on ethernet and he does not get this problem at all. Its probably worth noting that we only very recently switched to this ISP from another one but I seriously doubt it has anything to do with that, or the router as I have already explained that my bro does not get this problem.

As I have already said this problem is new after having recently installed windows. Windows is fully updated, my motherboard drivers, wireless adapter drivers, as well as all other drivers are all the newest they can possibly be. The only thing different about this version of windows is that it was done using one of them Unatended setups of Win XP Pro SP a friend lent me since I lost my original OEM version of Win XP Pro SP2.

Im running Zonealarm free edition and also AVG free. However I have experienced this problem even without installing any antivirus or firewall since I've reinstalled windows 3 times trying to track down the problem and even with no firewall or antivirus running, it still hangs. I've also checked to make sure I'm not using any other incompatible software infact I have done a completely fresh install where all i have done is install Windows, Drivers, and uTorrent and it STILL hangs.

What else...oh yeah I left my machine on last night to test again and had task manager up. when I get up in the morning, sure enough its hung again and I check to see if maybe uTorrent was eating up memory/CPU but no, the memory was a modest 15MB and the CPU usage was less than 1%

I can't think of anything else to add but I'm sure I've left something out. This problem has never happened before so it leads me to believe that either somehow my installation of Windows is screwed up OR something very odd is wrong with my wireless adapter (unlikely since its worked fine upto now and for everything else it works fine as well). Since my router also serves someone else in the house and he has no problems whatsoever with utorrent I don't think it is that. Browsing the net, playing games (off the same harddrive i download torrents to) all work fine, it is ONLY when uTorrent is running that this crash happens.

I've cheked the event viewer also and it doesnt report anything that I can see. Most likely because the system hangs and completely stops before even getting a chance to enter anything into the event viewer.

If anyone can shed some light on what could possibly be causing this problem please shout!

Oh and thanks for reading my long post if infact you did get to the end of it :)

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@ aly_mohy1 let's not hijack the OP thread and fix there problem first ok... I doubt ZA is the problem I have ZA pro and it works. What kinda computer do you have then? I think going to XP SP3 with updates might help as well. Also I think something got corrupted for it to freeze that bad maybe in the O/S. And you don't mention what version of Ut your using.

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