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Automatically set settings (concurrent connections etc.)


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Hi all,

Just had an idea based on a lot of other posts I've been seeing around the place. In eMule, an eDonkey client I'm sure many of you are familiar with there is a 'wizard' that runs when you first set up the program that looks like this:


Perhaps something similar could be implemented in µT, that automatically sets advanced settings like max concurrent connections and such? I've seen a lot of people asking about these settings and while the defaults seem to work fine for me, a lot of the more experienced users have been recommending other settings to people based on their internet connection.

Other features that might be useful:

- optional patching of TCPIP.sys to unlock the max concurrent connections issue in XP SP2 (not sure about this, just asking for any comments on it)

- a 'test' window to check connectability as in Azureus (and eMule, although it only runs when you first set up the program).


edit: sorry, image wrong..

edit2: clarified per Firon.. :|

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The wizard idea sounds really good. It can certainly reduce the numerous "settings" related questions on the Forums, and will make migration to µtorrent much more user friendly.

I too, liked the test window that was in Az, although I think that the status bar's "NAT error"/"network ok" section in µtorrent might already cover that aspect.

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The automatic patching sounds like a bad idea imo

Argh. I wasn't thinking straight. I just think this should be a feature in µT, maybe in the wizard I proposed (optional with a warning). Automatic is definitely bad.. I'll edit my post.

so it might be useful to add to µtorrent what Az has under:

Tools --> NAT/Firewall Test

yeah, that's exactly what I meant :) guess i wasn't very clear..

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Hmm. How exactly does µT determine whether or not to display "NAT error"?

Azureus used to display a yellow face if there were no inbound connections. Obviously if you always get yellow faces then you are unconnectable, but it is quite possible to get a yellow face in normal operation, particularly if there are very few peers/seeds. So I used to use the port checker whenever there were problems to make sure that I was connectable even if I was getting yellow faces.

This could also go into the "first run of µTorrent" thing - also as in eMule - where connectability is a similar issue, it asks you to set a port, port forward according to these instructions *link* and then tests that port for you and lets you know if you did it correctly. I think this works quite well to reduce the number of unconnectables on the network.

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You can stop the torrents, change the port, then start them again. :P

µTorrent works similarly to Azureus, except that if you run torrents with small swarms, it shows nothing in the status bar (to avoid false nat errors), unless you receive an incoming connection on it, or an incoming connection on DHT.

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I hadn't read this thread until I got mine locked since it's about the same thing.

I prefer to see something done like TCP Optimizer ( http://www.speedguide.net/tcpoptimizer.php ) where the user has control over the whole thing yet can also let the wizard configure uTorrent according to what the user set for upload limit and/or # of concurrent torrents. Perhaps even an upload bandwidth test that will then configure uTorrent according to the test result.


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