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Question about uTorrent Setup


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I've followed the guides that I've seen for setting up my uTorrent, but there is something I don't quite understand.

The guides gives a lot of info about the upload speed. However it gives no info about what the maximum download rate should be?

How should I choose it?

Or should I leave it limitless?

I want to configure it so it doesn't use all of my conection and I can web surf while downloading.

Thanks for any help.

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Thank you very much.

Another question. I want to be able to download 3 things at the same time and I know I should set (according to the calculations) my global upload speed to 18Kbytes/sec. However the Speed Guide the sets my Number of Active Downloads to 1. If I want to set it to 3 should I change my global upload speed?

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Downloading too much at once will split your connection more ways than it is capable of handling.

Adjusting your upload rate by increasing it will actually have a major negative impact on your speeds if your line isn't capable of it.

I wouldn't recommend varying your settings that much from the speed guide's recommendations.

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