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Port does not appear to be open


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I came to find out that Norton Internet Security's personal firewall was blocking my uTorrent port. So please help me to open this port. My comp is connected to a LAN directly. not through any Modems or Routers. Do i need to disable Personal Firewall while im downloading torrents????


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the best ISP would be MSN for u (related with Magma, u connect to magma then MSN)

MSN has more options that any other ISP, i have MSN and the firewall of theirs are amongst the greatest but its better to turn it off. MSN lets go everything in your computer if the firewall is off except for the exceptions (usually its a list of websites or contents to block automaticaly for example: pornography and illegal music).the worst u can have as a ISP would be AOL.

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What version of Norton Internet Security are you running?

I found instructions online for 2005 that says it goes like this:

Launch N I S

Status & Settings on left

Click on Personal Firewall in middle and then Configure button on right

In the Firewall window click on Advanced Tab and then General button

Click Add to add a new rule

Permit - To and From - Any Computer

TCP on top and then "Only these types...." on the bottom followed by Add button

Individually specified ports - Remote - and then type in your UT port in the field and click OK

If it still doesnt work, do all those steps again and but choose "Local" instead of "Remote" towards the end.

The rest of the stuff is a bunch of Next, Next, Next type stuff along with giving the new Filter a name. Should be easy after that.

PS: Dont let Firon get you too down either. NIS is better than nothing so at least your doing something to try and protect yourself. Though you may want to look into other options for better tools.

I would also suggest looking into getting a Router if its possible in your situation. Adding a router to the mix will stop alot (not all) of the incoming connections and your PC wont have to spend the time processing all the extra packets. I havent run a software firewall in 5 years and dont have any major security issues. Just stay away from IE and be careful.

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NIS is better than nothing

IMO, luring one's self into a false sense of security isn't actually better than nothing. Symantec's products have been known to carry security holes of their own, and many pieces of malware target their products because of their popularity.

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