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yet another seeding q...


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ive a 6/512k connection, everything works fine but my upload speeds when doing an initial seed really blow!!

i started a 650mb torrent last night, and my average up is 0-3.2kb [its capped at 40]. at the moment there are 8 of 15 peers connected and speeds vary from nil to 12k, i actually havent seen it go any higher. fyi - i have reached 60k uploads on finished torrents.

from what ive read.. utorrent doesn't have great super seeding functionality.. and it should only be used when youve around 10 or more peers,if at all.

i understand the concept of seeding vs. super seeding.. i was just wondering if anyone could explain to me what happens when and if i turn on [initial seeding] after initially having used the normal seeding function.


normal seed -- uploading same parts to many peers.

super seed -- sending a file part once to each peer to encourage seeding, save bandwidth etc, etc.

of course thats a simplified version..

so.. if i were to activate super seeding now.. basically, how does that affect the distribution of the files by the client? does it have to re-send certain blocks of data again.. or will it just mark parts as done and continue with the rest,regardless of who received them?

sry if im not making myself clear. i just like to know how things work.. and thanks for reading :)

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