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uTorrent @ school


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I am new to utorrent. I just had 2 Great days of downloading at my school and dorm. Suddenly last night I wasn't able to connect anymore at my dorm, I think I can still connect at school though, not sure. Is there anyway for me to start downloading again, because all the partial torrents I have are just sitting there?

I don't know much about this stuff, but is there a way for me to connect through the port that allows internet explorer to download, or something like this?

Please help. Thanks.

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On the dorm internet connection, do you have a Router/Firewall (Linksys, DLink, etc) or are you just jacked straight into the wall?

Go to Options, Speed Guide (aka CTRL + G) and then use the "Test if port is forwarded properly" button to see if your port is tunneled back into the dorm properly.

If its not, then you need to either setup your router in your dorm room properly, or if the firewall is hosted by the school/entire dorm, you need to figure out how to play nice with it and get back to a situation where your port gets forwarded properly.

PS: Do you have the Ramdomize Port option turned on? (Preferences, Connection)

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