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Two versions of utorrent on the same computer!!!!


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Few days ago i got fed up with utorrent crashing every 15 mins so i decided to uninstall it and then install an older version which i knew did not have any problems.

when i opened the .exe for version 1.6.1 of the utorrent it opened without being actually installed and included in the add/remove program so i re-installed the latest version of utorrent and now i have two different versions of utorrent on my computer one version having crashes and the other with no crashes.But the problem is that the older version which does not encounter any crashes does not do any downloading either.Most downloads on its list fail to connect with the tracker and they show the red icon reddown.png.

Does anyone know how i can get the older ut working properly or get the newer version to stop crashing?(i have tried the faqs & forum suggestions but non of them worked)

because the torrents i am downloading are slow and they consist of 4MB pieces which do not finish in the time between crashes so i keep losing information i download and this way downloads will never finish,also it takes lots of time and CPU when it starts checking disc after every crash.

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