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Notification Thread for new releases! (subscribe to thread)


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This thread is to announce the release of new versions of µTorrent, including public betas.

If you would like to be notified when a release is made, please subscribe to this thread and make sure you are using a valid e-mail for your forum account. An e-mail will be dispatched whenever a post is made to this thread (moderators only) to announce the link.

Posts will have the version number, a link to the announcement thread/changelog, and the download link.

Click the subscribe link at the bottom, or click here for the same link.

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µtorrent 1.2.3-beta-358 (Unicode) is out. It works with Windows 9x/ME and 2K/XP. Of course, Unicode works only on 2K/XP.


Please note that significant changes have been made to the 9x/ME code (It supports both ANSI/Unicode from the same executable), so things might have broken.

The torrent maker wasn't working in the previous beta, but is fixed now. The new beta also enhances support for Chinese torrents.


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µTorrent 1.3 is finally out after a long wait! The biggest change in µTorrent 1.3 is the support for unicode. I decided to bump the revision number to 1.3 because of the big changes required to support unicode!

It should also give a little bit better upload speed for people on fast connections.

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µTorrent 1.3.1-beta build 378 is out with some important fixes.

- Fix: Don't preallocate diskspace if using compact mode

- Fix: !ut suffix was added if preallocating.

- Feature: Argument /MINIMIZED and µTorrent starts up minimized (suitable for autostart)

- Fix: Be a little more resistent against invalid langfiles

- Change: Removed santa


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