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Selecting all torrents with label X, then deleting them deletes *all*


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I haven't seen a thread on this issue but if it's a known issue, then please disregard my post.

I love uTorrent and its WebGUI and have been using it for a while. I have an issue that has resulted in downloaded data being accidentally deleted. Reproduce this issue with the following steps:


1: Have a few torrents listed

2: Label a few torrents with a label X

3: Click on the label X on the left hand side to display only the torrents labeled X

4: Select all torrents labeled X with CTRL-A

I believe that at this point, although only the X-labeled torrents appear to be selected, the selection is actually *ALL* torrents.

5: Right-click, delete-all

Now you have accidentally not only deleted the torrents that you wanted to delete, but also all the other torrents!

Accidentally deleting many gigabytes of data is very, very annoying indeed. I hope this issue can be avoided or resolved :)

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