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Dl speed can't get over 500kB/s?


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Hi all!

I'm a happy utorrent user, but it seem I have a little ussue with the program.

When I'm downloading something which is popular with many seeders my speed is good. It reaches 490kB/s - 495kB/s max. But I wonder why cant it get over to 500kB/s?

It's like:

#1seeder uploads to me with 150kB/s

and #2 with 250kb/s

And together with al the other seeders it gets to max. ~495kB/s

But never over 500kB/s.

When I had Bitlord I could easy download with 800kB/s.

So I think I could do the same with utorrent. My version is 1.7.5

Is there any reason for this?

Thx in advance

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Oke, but. When I downloaded a 700Mb dvdrip movie with BitLord it was finished in 25 to 30 minutes. But now if it's downloading with uTorrent at ~490kB/s It takes something more than an hour.

What I also tried is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVq2GkzNrY8

I changed the settings and I was downloading something with ~130 kB/s and when I was done with the settings he started to download at ~490 kB/s. But again not over 500kB/s :)

If there is nothing to do, I'll leave it like this an will be happy with ~490kB/s.

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