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Problem with 1.7.5 and Windows Vista


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Just got uTorrent 1.7.5 on new computer, which came with Windows Vista. Have port fowarded, and allowed utorrent through Firewall.

Port forwarding check still says port is not open.

Disabled firewall completely - still the same.

Tried forwarding to another port. No change.

Have some download speed, but connection icon still the little yellow triangle/exclamation mark - if not the red one (which it is at times).

Any help?

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Not open for emule either...yet, we've forwarded it all correctly for the modem - is save to modem etc.

Took off all protection for computer, still little yellow triangle. So to be on the safe side, put all proctection back on, no change.

It's getting to be bloody annoying. New computer, and the trusty programs no longer working.....y?

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