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Downloading not working when using preferences/other/auto-load


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Prior to trying auto-load approach, I was able to add torrents. Since changing to auto-load, I have not been able to download any torrents. I have also switched back to manual mode (no auto-load) and was still not able to do downloads.

Now - In preferences-->other, I have storage for torrents checked using folder named "added" (this is the folder that is successfully being used for uploads) and automatically load torrents checked using folder "preadd". I also did "clear private data". In preferences-->downloads there are no boxes checked in "location of downloaded files" section.

After moving a torrent file into "preadd" folder, utorrent correctly starts to download it, but it does not seem to be downloading. Status shows "down blue arrow" but 0% done after 45 minutes. Status bar shows green checkmark, with values in D:0.1kB/s

Any ideas what might be wrong that is causing the download issue. The problem happens even when there is no upload activity.

Do I have to restart utorrnet or reboot to get settings to work? I'm not technical so I wouldn't dare try to explore the registry as mentioned in users guide.

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