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Speed suddenly low!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi I ave been using Utorrent for quite a while now and my down speed was about 150kb/s and up about 20 but since yesterday my down speed doesn't go past 15kb/s and up speed barely reaches 1

I m from england have a dsl 2mb connection and i am not being throtttled because internet's fine.

Help Help

EDIT: Now my upload is ok after few tweaking but download still doesnt go past 30kb/s it should be 100 something :( down and up speed are nearly the same!

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What's the measured speed of your connection, both Down AND UP?

(Your ISP may not be giving you what it claims!)

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

(Speed Guide wants to know your max UPLOAD speed, not download! Plus, there are a lot more settings than just speed shown by that window!)

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

(Some settings changes can crash µTorrent and possibly even your computer as well!)

Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


(LOTS of things to try that may completely fix your problems!)

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Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose xx/192k -- that should be close enough to your measured upload speed of 186 kilobits/sec.

BitTorrent traffic can be throttled separately from your overall internet speeds. So it may still be crap due to your ISP not wanting you to use it. Have you tried doing any GOOGLE searches to see if others on your ISP are having similar problems with BitTorrent?

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No I can't.

Just because I know there's many seeds/peers in a torrent doesn't mean I know if the torrent is "good" or not.

LOTS of the seeds/peers may be using bad BitTorrent clients.

They may have their upload speed max set really low.

They may be running lots of torrents at once.

They may be on hostile ISPs.

They may have no clue how to unfirewall their BitTorrent client.

...All of that cannot be predicted in advance.

However as a general rule, private torrents on private trackers tend to be faster downloading than public ones -- but only because the private tracker rules tend to force seeders to stick around. Ironically, it can prevent you as a seeder from being able to upload at max yourself!

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