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Download speed is WAVY - jumps up and down within seconds -please help


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I have 2megabits/sec download speed and 256 kbits/sec upload.

I set max upload speed to 18 KB/sec.

Global max nr.of connections 500, max nr.of clients 100.

The indicator in uTorrent shows green light down there.

When I try to download a torrent the upload speed is constantly about 18KB (at the max), but my download speed constantly jumps up and down. It's like one second it's 150 KB/sec, and in the next few seconds it's 10 KB/sec, then it stays there for about 5 min, then again raises to 160KB and so on... it is really frustrating. When I take a look at the speed graph for the torrent I get the green line in the form of a WAVE! It cannot be because of bad seeding, because there are like 500 seeds, and 1000 leachers. When I click on the "clients" tab, there are numerous clients, but only from like 5 or 10 I am downloading.

When I cancel that torrent and try to download another one, I get the same problem.

Why do I get these "wavy" download speeds???

Please help!!!!

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Probably due to the bursts caused by having potentially up to 500 connections to you at once.

Try setting something more reasonable for your connection...like Speed Guide (CTRL+G) xx/256k or xx/192k setting.

You may also need to lower µTorrent's half open max rate.

Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


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Often, ISPs lie about this...so you have to do some detective work.

Ask around places such as an electronics store in the area...or wi-fi cafe.

Do GOOGLE searches for your ISP, BitTorrent, and Throttling/Blocking/Problems. Chances are something will come up on that even if there's NOT a problem with your ISP blocking due to bad networking hardware/software of whoever is posting. If you find alot of results...there may be a real problem with the ISP.

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