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Port Problems


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Hi there. I've been using uTorrent for quite some time now and I am new to the forums. I am having one mindboggling problems that I have ever encountered with a computer.

First, some background information:

-My ISP is not blocking ANY ports, I have contacted the system admin directly and he has confirmed this. Ports are left open to allow the users to host web pages.

-I am connected directly to the ISP (This is a college, the network is considered and ISP and the IPs assigned are direct IPs (Confermed by multiple IP-checking web sites))

-I have NO ROUTER in the path

-I have NO FIREWALL, and I have completely disabled Windows Firewall

Now, my problem is that I can download from uTorrent with no problem, and I use Private Trackers, which is where my problem is the biggest concern.

I cannot listen ON ANY PORT. Once I saw this, I changed ports (to many random ports), but all the ports failed the open port check. This makes it impossible for me to seed, destroying my ratio on any private tracker.

I then proceeded to disable the Windows Firewall completely, which did not help at all.

I went over to grc.com and ran their Shields Up! software. What came back confused the hell out of me. The web site showed that every port imaginable was stealthed! I have been looking for a solution for days and I am seriously stumped. How can all my ports be stealthed without ANY firewall OR router? Ports can be reached by other computers on campus, Is there some setting in windows that blocks all incoming traffic that is outside of the Windows Firewall?

Thanks in advance!


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