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OH! I must apologize about the version numbers, if anyone's confused, the -NNNN is a date modifier. At the time I made a "Speed Testing Package" I only had multiply labelled .5 and .6 (RC) versions. Therefore Prior to I only had the releases you stuck on your page .1 (you rebuilt it :? ) .2, .3 and .4.1. Similarly .51 and .61 up there are your official updates 0.5.1 and 0.6.1 respectively.

Just trying to spread the good cheer of your ever-helpful BFE :D

[ul]DELL P4 2.4 GHz 768MB|XPHome




[/li][li]5-0214|(12.126 )|(44.850 )|(37.914 )|(57.723 )

[/li][li]51|(12.227 )|(34.929 )|(39.525 )|(52.785 )

[/li][li]6_1|(10.389 )|(30.984 )|(34.435 )|(40.806 )

[/li][li]6_3|(9.723 )|(26.519 )|(30.021 )|(27.994 )

[/li][li]6_4|(9.675 )|(25.214 )|(29.863 )|(27.597 )

[/li][li]6_6|(9.672 )|(24.771 )|(30.093 )|(26.742 )

[/li][li]61|(9.256 )|(26.758 )|(27.930 )|(27.964 )

[/li][li]7_1|(9.795 )|(25.059 )|(30.316 )|(26.821 )

[/li][li]7_2|(9.400 )|(26.593 )|(27.964 )|(27.775 )


[ul]GATA| Intel T2250-1.73GHz-1GB|XPMCE

[li]7_2|(5.557 )|(11.440 )|(17.009 )(17.952 )

[/li][li]7_1|(6.205 )|(10.419 )|(18.591 )|(17.743 )

[/li][li]61|(5.711 )|(11.674 )|(16.685 )|(18.194 )

[/li][li]6_6|(6.047 )|(8.958 )|(18.964 )|(17.341 )

[/li][li]6_4|(6.008 )|(10.188 )|(19.031 )|(17.326 )

[/li][li]6_3|(6.088 )|(11.518 )|(18.712 )|(17.633 )

[/li][li]6_1|(6.592 )|(13.206 )|(20.540 )|(26.721 )

[/li][li]51|(7.530 )|(16.647 )|(23.650 )|(34.375 )

[/li][li]5-0214|(7.583 )|(16.321 )|(24.358 )|(36.498 )





[ul]TACA |Intel T2050-1.6GHz-512MB|XPMCE




[/li][li]5-0214|(9.588 )|(18.306 )|(26.351 )|(38.732 )

[/li][li]51|(8.141 )|(15.886 )|(26.098 )|(37.200 )

[/li][li]6_1|(7.883 )|(13.562 )|(22.435 )|(28.512 )

[/li][li]6_3|(7.165 )|(9.206 )|(20.313 )|(18.911 )

[/li][li]6_4|(7.418 )|(9.566 )|(19.965 )|(18.691 )

[/li][li]6_6|(7.946 )|(9.618 )|(20.392 )|(18.510 )

[/li][li]61|(6.910 )|(9.760 )|(18.487 )|(19.190 )

[/li][li]7_1|(6.696 )|(8.691 )|(20.402 )|(18.202 )

[/li][li]7_2|(6.990 )|(9.490 )|(18.462 )|(18.922 )

[/li][li]7_2|111 and TAS[/li][li](3.152 )|(3.352 )|(5.168 )|(5.375 )



[li]1 re-0verify|168|42|102|109

[/li][li]1 verification|202|58|106|113







[/li][li]5-0214|(5.857 )|(15.832 )|(18.726 )|(32.351 )

[/li][li]51-0306|(5.860 )|(17.031 )|(18.825 )|(30.993 )

[/li][li]6_1|(5.077 )|(13.793 )|(16.121 )|(25.755 )

[/li][li]6_3|(4.718 )|(10.842 )|(14.664 )|(17.675 )

[/li][li]6_4|(4.774 )|(10.820 )|(14.257 )|(17.251 )

[/li][li]6_6|(4.733 )|(11.511 )|(14.671 )|(17.618 )

[/li][li]61|(4.344 )|(9.879 )|(14.690 )|(18.345 )

[/li][li]7_1|(4.730 )|(10.359 )|(14.255 )|(16.637 )

[/li][li]7_2|(4.315 )|(9.613 )|(14.176 )|(17.237 )


[ul]WIN7|Xeon5150-2x2core 2.66GHz-2GB|Win732

[li]7_2|(3.761 )|(5.279 )|(10.245 )|(11.351 )

[/li][li]7_1|(5.494 )|(5.134 )|(11.781 )|(11.133 )

[/li][li]61|(3.475 )|(5.718 )|(10.227 )|(11.683 )

[/li][li]6_6|(3.906 )|(5.584 )|(11.923 )|(11.717 )

[/li][li]6_4|(3.873 )|(6.330 )|(11.703 )|(12.131 )

[/li][li]6_3|(4.102 )|(5.620 )|(11.761 )|(11.968 )

[/li][li]6_1|(4.135 )|(7.549 )|(13.032 )|(17.676 )

[/li][li]51-0306|(4.880 )|(9.243 )|(15.513 )|(22.796 )

[/li][li]5-0204|(4.809 )|(9.598 )|(15.180 )|(24.017 )







[ul]SP3|Athlon Mobile-1.53GHz-1GB|XPPro




[/li][li]5-0214|(11.609 )|(44.326 )|(40.520 )|(53.403 )

[/li][li]51-0306|(11.963 )|(42.652 )|(34.090 )|(47.522 )

[/li][li]6_1|(10.128 )|(38.505 )|(36.157 )|(40.178 )

[/li][li]6_3|(9.816 )|(33.346 )|(27.790 )|(31.914 )

[/li][li]6_4|(9.034 )|(34.024 )|(28.165 )|(25.849 )

[/li][li]6_6|(9.972 )|(33.091 )|(26.689 )|(25.177 )

[/li][li]61|(8.381 )|(35.013 )|(28.083 )|(26.792 )

[/li][li]7_1|(10.064 )|(38.984 )|(27.109 )|(24.884 )

[/li][li]7_2|(8.650 )|(34.976 )|(25.525 )|(29.158 )


[ul]GID#2 | Celeron M-2.66GHz-2GB|XPHome

[li].7_2|(7.399 )|(26.366 )|(22.376 )|(23.342 )

[/li][li].7_1|(8.310 )|(26.797 )|(25.398 )|(23.108 )

[/li][li].6_6|(8.973 )|(25.341 )|(24.302 )|(22.837 )

[/li][li].6_4|(8.529 )|(27.087 )|(24.008 )|(39.541 )

[/li][li].6_3|(14.715 )|(43.720 )|(39.700 )|(38.559 )

[/li][li].6_1|(9.172 )|(30.258 )|(26.519 )|(34.651 )

[/li][li].61|(8.159 )|(26.411 )|(21.469 )|(22.468 )

[/li][li].51-0306|(10.074 )|(34.904 )|(30.423 )|(44.540 )

[/li][li].5-0214|(10.984 )|(35.441 )|(31.114 )|(47.948 )





[ul]VISTA| Pentium M-1.7GHz-2GB|Vista32




[/li][li]5-0214|(8.091 )|(16.129 )|(25.661 )|(38.597 )

[/li][li]5-0306|(8.050 )|(15.401 )|(25.270 )|(36.407 )

[/li][li]6_1|(6.669 )|(11.842 )|(21.574 )|(29.884 )

[/li][li]6_3|(6.578 )|(8.740 )|(19.756 )|(20.961 )

[/li][li]6_4|(6.370 )|(8.441 )|(19.429 )|(18.329 )

[/li][li]6_6|(6.475 )|(8.976 )|(19.620 )|(18.230 )

[/li][li]61|(5.890 )|(8.790 )|(17.424 )|(18.540 )

[/li][li]7_1|(6.610 )|(8.282 )|(19.698 )|(18.748 )

[/li][li]7_2|(6.276 )|(9.067 )|(17.468 )|(18.526 )


No rush on any update/publication. I collected this from computers as old as 7 year old laptops, to the newest quad-core and ATOM-based netbooks. For any other questions / info you can post here or email me.

I made a "speedtest package" as I said... for benchmarking purposes I included the afforementioned resume.dat file from an old uT and the readily available Elephants Dream torrent from the lovely folks @ XIPH accompanying unpacked (for better compression) BFE versions as you see spanning most of the year and a half dev cycle. :D It couldn't be done without your tool, Ultima, so thanks for making it.

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Sorry for my stupidness, but is it possible to export the data into the text format? XML, CVS, TXT, HTML, INI or something.

I'd like to clean up my shares from the obsolete ones. I know the way to sort out the .torrent files but it's a trouble to deal with the shares themselves because historically I've got too complex directory structure and it's nearly impossible to human to do something with it.

So I thought there's a some kind of .dat exporter there but could not find it. I could write some little Perl utility (I like the little Perl utilities) that inputs the text and does something, for example, deletes the obsolete shares, but I couldn't find the data exporter while the writing the binary parser from scratch is a hard task :(

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Sure, it'd be possible if someone wrote a utility to do so -- BEncode Editor doesn't. Of those formats, probably only XML would be usable as a target format, as the other formats don't (IINM) allow binary data (which BEncoded files usually have lots of).

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Would it be plausible to export the information that's in the tree view to a text file?

I'm having difficulty sorting out which directories in my download directory are currently associated with active torrents. There are many that no longer have torrents associated with them and I should move them out of the directory. The problem I'm having now is that I don't know which I can move. If I could get a list of all of the paths out of the resume.dat this would allow me to do this in a single act.

My concern isn't the binary data which could be discarded, but the text information of where the torrents are located.

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I was able to figure a work around for the time being using some linux applications. It accomplished the job that I had set forth and allowed me to do exactly what I wanted, though it took me several hours to get there. I learned some stuff in the process so i'm quite happy.

cat /media/uTorrent/resume.dat |sed 's/:/:\n/g'|sed -n '/path[0-9]*/{n;n;p;}'|sed 's/[0-9]:$//'|sed '/\\/!d'

It essentially inserts a new line after each colon, then searches for the string path with any number of digits directly after it and prints the second line after that, then deletes any lines that don't start with a slash. This gets the paths but at the cost of the drive letter due to the drive letter having a colon after it. Stupid microsoft.

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Good day.

Who have many HDDs and so many torrents that uTorrent goes crazy? ^^ I guess there should be a lot of people like me. I have a dedicated HDD for downloading torrents, and when it goes end of space it's looks like true hardcore hand-working comes while moving some torrents to another drive.

Belong to that state, I'd like to ask you for adding a future.

So, the main idea is the search procedure within resume.dat and automatically change the paths, which contains torrent data on HDD. I think there should be a box with manually added usual paths of torrent data stores, and proggy will look inside all of them and fix the roots.

What do you thing about it?

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I'm going to have to pass on this request. I'd prefer not to do anything µTorrent-specific with this utility. It's meant to be used as a generic bencoded data editor, and adding functionality specific to files on disk and/or µTorrent's resume.dat moves it in the opposite direction.

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Yeah, there wasn't too long ago a request for conditional replace, similar to find-by-key/value except as another key/value as the primary condition. If you want to do things that way I'd recommend starting small, by label then. So you filter one label at a time, or just do each individually right now if the scripts previously in the thread don't help.

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http://www.utorrent.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=395240#p395240 erstwhile]How can I use the merge functiom? I couldn't find it.
http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=395948#p395948 Ultima]@erstwhile: You can merge in the 0.7.0 WIP.
http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=368045#p368045 Ultima]http://ultima.utorrent.googlepages.com/BEncodeEditorv0.7.0.0wip2.zip

Switched back to the new compiler for now (which partly explains the larger size). Implemented Ctrl+A stuff in dialogs for all input fields. Re-added commandline loading. And some other stuff.

At this point, commandline options are looking less and less likely.

Ultima, the "BEncodeEditorv0.7.0.0wip2.zip" (in the URL you've given previously) does not appear at the site you've given above. Have you pulled it from your googlepages.com site ?

I'm looking to merge resume.dat files together, and would appreciate a link to your really *** AWESOME *** BEncodeEditor v0.7.0.0wip2 utility.

A really powerful tool the BEncodeEditor is - thanks for developing it.

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After much reading it is not clear to me if one can append items from one resume.dat file to another. I have several hundred items in one computer resume.dat that I want to add to my new larger computer which has several hundred different items.

Maybe I do not understand the export process very well. I realize that I can export a torrent but how can I import it into the correct resume.dat file?

Would it be possible to append or import an entirely different resume.dat file to another e.g. the contents of resume1.dat is added to resume.dat.

I realize that this would require editing prior to appending but I am stumped by the process of appending/adding/importing the torrents. I can't seem to simply add the torrent to the folder and have it noticed by uTorrent automatically.

Am I totally in the dark about how this tool works...

By the way, it helped me recover half of my torrents already, trying to get the other ones as well.


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Hello. I have this problem: after shutdown my torrents in uTorrent dissapear. In settings-folder I have resume.dat.old (128 kb) and new resume.dat(58 byte). If I rename my resume.dat.old to resume.dat and run uTorrent, it rename files back. What I can do?

OS: Windows 7

uTorrent 1.8.3

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The files are probably corrupt. Try opening the 128 kB file in BEncode Editor, and see if it comes up with anything. If so, remove the .fileguard key, save the file (MAKE A BACKUP), and put it back in %appdata%\uTorrent.

@canek: Check the version in the post right above yours. It should have a "Merge With..." feature in the Item menu that should do what you want.

Ugh. It's been so long since I last touched BEncode Editor... but I still don't feel like is ready to be called "stable" yet... so it's stuck as a WIP that few people know about. Oh well.

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I save my torrents to a mapped network drive but I launched uTorrent today with no network drive.

So all the torrents came up with a path not found. So I quit uTorrent and mapped the drive and launched uTorrent again but now it is checking every torrent.

It's been running for 6 hours and it has only done about 70% of my first torrent and I got about 200 it needs to go through. At this rate, it can take months to go through the list.

Is there a way I can tell uTorrent to not check?

I used the Bencode editor and saw that all the ones that need to be checked have [48] after the name and all the good ones have [49] next to the name.

Is this what designates if the torrent needs to be checked? If so how do I change it? If not, any idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks folks

By the way, this program kicks ass. I'm thinking of moving the torrents to an external storage and changing paths with this is so easy!

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Thanks Ultima.

I did some comparisons of completed and checking ones and using the editor added a "valid" key, put a valid number in the "completed on" key, and even copied the have key from a completed torrent to a test one.

This doesn't seem to be enough still. Actually adding a valid key with a 1 gives me a blue icon but it starts downloading the whole thing again..

God I hope I'm not SOL..

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