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You can't just copy the have key from any other torrent because it's very very likely to be different for each torrent. That's why I said there's no obvious way.

The have key is a bitfield that indicates which pieces in the torrent you have, each bit representing each piece (0 meaning don't have, 1 meaning have). You can't just guess this stuff though, because not necessarily all your torrents are even complete, and not necessarily all your torrents will have the same number of pieces either.

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found bug in win2008:

when i replace path in resume.dat


replace "D:\halfcd" to "F:\halfcd"

the result :


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Can't reproduce the issue here. I just created a BEncoded file with the following contents:


Performed search/replace on "D:\halfcd" to "F:\halfcd", and the result was exactly as expected:


Got a file I can test? As well, have you tried editing the item to make sure it's not just a UI glitch?

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I... really don't know what to say. I'm testing using Windows 7 (should behave similarly to Windows 2008 R2), and I'm not experiencing any problems. I also tested using Windows Vista (should behave similarly to Windows 2008), and I'm not experiencing any problems either.

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After a long incubation period...

v0.7.0.0 (2009-12-31)

^ New: x64 build support

+ Feature: Item hashing

+ Feature: Item validation

+ Feature: Merge binary/dictionary/list data

+ Feature: Move item to top/bottom

+ Feature: Recursive sorting (hold Shift while clicking Item > Sort Keys)

+ Feature: Undo/redo changes

~ Change: Allow blank key names when searching using "Value by Key"

~ Change: Allow save if file no longer exists, even without changes

~ Change: Binary input/conversion made slightly more lenient/reliable

~ Change: Exporting integers exports a raw (rather than BEncoded) integer

~ Change: Indicate in the window title whether a file has been modified

~ Change: Move up/down keyboard shortcuts changed to Ctrl+Up/Down

~ Change: Reload the treeview on F5, reload from disk on Ctrl+R

~ Change: Select all text in focused dialog input control on Ctrl+A

~ Change: Shift+F3 searches in the opposite direction

~ Change: Show "Find" dialog if never shown before "Find Next" is used

~ Change: Store Find options only on search, not on dialog close

* Fix: Repeated successive conversions into Binary allowed in Find/Replace

* Fix: Switching data types not properly hiding/showing controls in dialogs

* Fix: UI "allows" child to be added to an integer, but crashes on attempt

VirusTotal Results for BEncode Editor v0.7.0.0 (x64)

File size: 831551 bytes

MD5...: 92cf6809d4d09b94900b1bc40756309a

SHA1..: b7995257f57aebf4644d169f29293751b45e5bd7

SHA256: cf0084af21fcc324a9d997161709289f53726142b6ba28a30221d27a0a4bf8cc

ssdeep: 12288:3hwtMZsuC4jt6aOHAEN88qOQ2mxSx9IGsSluITDGJme0/NlF0Qryj8ZNqM


VirusTotal Results for BEncode Editor v0.7.0.0 (Unicode)

File size: 317501 bytes

MD5...: 656d2707ce2dffec9f6a970924d43023

SHA1..: 75896bb3c3eb24f3e3399ac314cbf9896bff6f75

SHA256: e3bcd9f48b3d06a977620b7d79d37a128985ddbd917ee286f6a3f1553079593c

ssdeep: 6144:eYZKNLIMQOoff+mbDPuhF695+lVpz2zvkU5bUyhBtVDEoVdZgoSuwNq4n/:


Get it in the first post.

As of this posting, VirusTotal reports 3/39 as the results for the Unicode build. False postives, probably because some antivirus softwares are still braindead and can't figure out that UPX does not automatically make an executable a virus.

I finally got around to fixing the 64-bit build because... I'm finally running an x64 build of Windows. I do believe it should be slightly faster than the 32-bit build (something along the lines of 10-20%), but I never actually tested it to any careful degree. The 64-bit build is so much larger because there is no UPX for 64-bit executables, so I decided to just leave it unpacked.

Didn't bother making an ANSI build because I can't test such a build properly at all (no Windows 9x to run it on), and I seriously doubt that there is any real demand for the ANSI builds to begin with. As well, for files that do contain Unicode characters, I can't even guarantee that the ANSI builds will edit/save them correctly at all.

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So I tried editing a private tracker, removing the tracker completely. (I will not clarify further as this could lead to abuse) However when I do, I can no longer connect to my server running the orginal torrent.

Since I did not change the "info (d)[6]" and only removing the tracker, I assume no hash file got changed.

Can anybody verify this?

Thank you in advance.

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v0.7.1.0 (2010-02-09)

+ Feature: Recovery fallback on decoding error

Mainly for users who are trying to recover corrupt/truncated resume.dat files. As mentioned in the notes, file recovery recovers only decodable parts of input files.

VirusTotal Results for BEncode Editor v0.7.1.0 (x64)

Result: 1/41 (2.44%)

File size: 675845 bytes

MD5...: d3ae1b6065c1988ed41421ae1c06dda1

SHA1..: 69b025b33d97f2d0e4ab3d01a463c75fdd020a87

SHA256: 9edaaa461f5aaa60e17153b78cd62bc65a07d52be02e5e78cf9133e53cd5ddee

ssdeep: 12288:wH7Wcjdc/r2sxxiPGGAOOPSXDV8ClgVYhX5FSsf8QwD0V3Ef:wbCj2sObH


VirusTotal Results for BEncode Editor v0.7.1.0 (Unicode)

Result: 2/40 (5.00%)

File size: 316933 bytes

MD5...: 7d86655922a2cfadcd7d97eeebc8db8e

SHA1..: 1d9b2185179fd0f6c848d0dc33c2af637bc76453

SHA256: 9354117fe9e13648f4a32655bf28b6a51a5282ac675ea6cc28de8da2c15cb6ec

ssdeep: 6144:1h3WSDrTVqSk4dFHroNS+obRayGdiizjoSqD0Vem/Ef:fZqkroo9bRayInj


The usual false-positives.

v0.7.0.0 Changelog:


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Apparently, Google Sites limits sites that are generating heavy bandwidth load. I also received the same message as you earlier, but when trying just now, the link seems to be working again. Annoying, but at least they don't seem to be limiting bandwidth using some kind of static monthly limit or whatever (which would cause all links to stop working until the month rolls over).

Edit: Mirrors...

http://www.mediafire.com/?1u1dtf02u4nb15d (x64)

http://www.mediafire.com/?jaizmmhd2aw (Unicode)

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Hi, I've downloaded BEncode Editor x64 and taken a look at a particular torrent file, and the corresponding entry in resume.dat. I'm trying to change the folder structure dictated by the torrent. Many thanks for the great utility, and all the info in these forums - although I've had a good dig around, I could use some further help.

The info section of the torrent file I'm playing with has three entries in the path key for each file, indicating a folder structure of FolderA\FolderB\Filename. As it happens, the top level folder is the same for all files in the torrent, so it is redundant. Further, the top level folder doesn't fit in to the structure of my own folders. I want to store the files, without FolderA, but still be able to seed the torrent, and I will want to do a similar thing with other multi-file torrents in future.

I have no problem moving the downloaded files to their new location, maintaining the final folder structure of ..\MyFiles\FolderA\FolderB\Filename - I am fine with stopping the torrent, moving the files and folders, resetting the location, and getting utorrent to re-check. If I then start the torrent, it seeds, but this is not the folder structure I want. However, if I move the files to where I actually want them, ..\MyFiles\FolderB\Filename, and point utorrent to the new location, it doesn't find the files when I force the re-check. If I then start the torrent, it starts to download everything again, into ..\MyFiles\FolderA\FolderB\Filename.

Editing the torrent file is a no-go, but looking at resume.dat, the path setting only reads as far as ..\MyFiles. I cannot see anywhere in resume.dat to override the folder structure, or the filename, imposed in the .torrent. Can anyone help?

Many thanks,


Edit: sussed it largely thanks to jewelisheaven's post here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=407354#p407354. In utorrent, with the torrent stopped, in the file tab, you can change file names and locations with the Relocate command. Looking at resume.dat with Ultima's editor, this has introduced a 'target' key into the file, with a subsidiary entry for every file in the torrent which gives the override path and filename. Seems to do the trick!

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Hi, thanks for your work.

For changing torrent path this app works perfectly. However is there any way to change my torrent status from stopped to started? and is there any way to change percentage of torrent complete? I mean I have downloaded files on my second PC and I want to add torrent from utorrent, then close it, and change percentage from 0% to 100% in resume.dat, then change status from stopped to started to avoid long hashing GB'es of data and just start seeding.

In field "have" I see only random signs e.g. ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙

Sometimes this field is marked as String and sometimes as Binary, why?


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Open settings.dat and find the relevant keys? I'm sure they're stored in settings.dat in a slightly non-trivial manner, so I don't know them off the top of my head.

@octopuss: All 64-bit operating systems support Unicode.

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Nice torrent editor. :) I have used it on individual torrent files but I have a need to change the announce URL in all of the torrents in a tracker I run. BEncode works great but it would take me forever to manually edit over 2500 torrent files.

I only want to move the Tracker to a sub-domain... tracker.mydomain.net:6969 so to speak.

I have my forums on mydomain.net and the tracker on mydomain.net:6969 No problem there but...

I am a member of the Honey Pot Project to fight spam etc. and I'm involved in a beta test of a spinoff from that project and that necessitates splitting the tracker off to a sub-domain so that tracker traffic can bypass the proxy that is involved in the test.

I have Googled myself to death trying to find an editor that would allow me to point it to a folder containing the torrent files, give it the new URL and tell it to change 'all' and save them in place or in another folder, it doesn't matter which. I have had no luck with Google...

Does anyone know of a reliable torrent editor that can do a mass edit in this manner? Or could this be a feature added to BEncode? ;)

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Problem solved for me at least. Searching eventually led me to the online documentation for my server's configuration file. It had been so long since I had to look at the config file that I forgot that I could force the announce URL on download and on upload if an incorrect one was supplied.

I still think that what I asked about above would be a nice feature though. :)

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Commandline editing (and by extension, batch editing through batch scripts) has been on my todo for the longest time now. It's not easy to come up with a suitable parameter scheme that handles a large chunk of BEncode Editor's capabilities. I'm not sure if/when I'll ever get back to it, but um, it's definitely still there at the corner of my mind.

Edit: Probably worth noting that thinking up an appropriate commandline option scheme was exactly why I stopped working on the C++ port too.

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