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Data error (cyclic redundancy check)


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Here is the scenario I am dealing with that I am fairly certain is the cause of my CRC errors, not necessarily anyone elses on this forum. I have a 120Gig Revodrive as my primary, so naturally I dont want to be downloading several large files on it. So I install Utorrent to my 1TB and figure everything will go smoothly. But I would get the CRC error spontaneously on all my files, even ones I successfully downloaded that I am now uploading. Then I noticed my Revodrive was filling up, I then realized that the downloads were being saved to my revodrive(C:) rather than the drive I installed Utorrent to. I updated my preferences so it saves the files to my 1TB and hopefully there is no more interaction with Utorrent and my Revodrive because of the potential to cause more CRC errors. Hopefully someone on here can comment on whether or not this setup will interact with my Revodrive(C:). That way if I get another CRC error I will know why, and that person will be able to inform me of what I need to do in order to stop Utorrent from interacting with my Revodrive(C:). If I do get a CRC error again, and anyone that assesses my situation can 100% determine that Utorrent is not interacting with my Revodrive(C:) with the settings I have or the ones they give me, I can always set up Utorrent on my 300Gig Velociraptor to make sure that it is not my 1TB having bad sectors that is causing the CRC errors. But basically I believe that one method of receiving these CRC errors is by installing Utorrent on one drive, and having it save the downloads to another drive.

One thing I forgot to mention is that when one torrent would get the CRC error, they typically will all get CRC errors at the same time.

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Hey I was also getting this problem, I fix them by run cheakdisk.

If your uTorrent data is saved on C:, right click on it. Click on properties -> Tools. Then click on the Check Now button. If its where your OS is installed, the system would suggest you to schedule the check and it would run when the OS starts up next time.

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