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Brighthouse Vs. Utorrent!!!!


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Ok for the past few weeks I have been on and off temporary bans from my ISP (its actually roadrunner but through brighthouse). They say that someone who is on my modem is uploading lots of emails (upon further inspection and logging my network) the only thing that is sending information is utorrent even when I have NO torrents running. But the weird thing is they are saying this is emails and that it has something to do with spam and whatnot... I have looked into it and I understand some people setup their systems to accept into ports 25 and other that are mainly email ports...is there any way to avoid them...or this, otherwise I cant use utorrent anymore.

Also I did virus(7, with different programs) and spyware(3 with different programs) scans so the computer is clean.

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If you have a router, you can probably check your router logs to see which computer (if any!) is actually sending out traffic on email ports (25,110).

It's understandable to get some incoming traffic even if µTorrent is stopped, as peers and seeds that had your ip from earlier retry it from time to time.

If µTorrent isn't running, your computer should NOT be making very many outgoing connections at all right after booting up -- barring some other auto-starting internet-using program!

Does Process Explorer or HijackThis! find anything?

(I no longer trust antivirus software -- that's the FIRST thing active viruses knock out!)

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