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Please Give Me The Basics....


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After using mutorrent for about a year it's seems to be time for me to learn the basics. Because now I'm getting a couple of small problems with it and I've got no idea how to troubleshoot them.

I've got WinXP, AVG, Firefox and Comodo firewall. Those are the only important things, I think?

It has been working fine with them for months and months.

And how it used to work was I'd go to somewhere like isohunt and I'd find a torrent I wanted. Then I'd click download and it'd download onto my harddrive. I'd then start up mutorrent - which up until then I wouldn't start because it seemed to slow my web browsing somewhat. Then I'd click 'open' on firefox's 'downloads' list which was still there on my screen from the download.

AND - it would insert itself into mutorrent. I could look at mutorrent and I'd find the torrent listed and all sorts of information and it'd start to download.

No problems. Lovely. Well recently it won't do that any way at all. I can't make it do that.

So I have to import a torrent into mutorrent by giving it an URL. And then I find that as often as not it won't complete that task - I cut and paste the URL into the field and it commences downloading the torrent information and doesn't complete. It stops and reports 'offline (timed out)'.

I don't know why this behaviour and I don't know where to begin looking.

Only other strange thing is Klite. It can't connect nowadays, either, I don't know why.

I wonder if the two are connected? Is it possible my ISP is blocking torrent downloads and kazaa downloads (even kazaa connections)?

mutorrent is actually downloading fine right now. Maybe it has all just been a glitch in my internet connection recently. Question is: how do I check? What's the most probable cause, how do I identiify it, and what do I do about it?

Anyone got any ideas for me?


ab :)

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