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Download speed and Port 6881 does not appear to be open error


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I have an XP SP2 home PC (no lan router) connected to the Tiscali ISP

(2Mbit coonection; adsl).

When I try to use bittorrent I'm getting a yellow warning sign and on the

µTorrent Port Checker I get:-

Error! Port 6881 does not appear to be open

My windows firewall is currently not running due to one of the services being


Does this mean the 6881 port error is irrelevant - since I have no home router,

and no active firewall? Is it the case that bittorrent will give the best download

speed if there is no firewall running?

Or is it better to have a firewall which is configured to use a number of ports

(6881 to 6999 say) as this means there can be more peer connections, therefore more

uploaders and downloading connections and a higher overall download speed?

On average I seem to be getting the following speeds:-

32kB/s down

24kB/s up

I have seen the down speed get upto 90kB's (with 20kBs up) but only briefly or

more consistently if its after 11pm.

I have'nt used bittorrent before so I would appreciate any help offered.



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i'm having the same problem to.... my download speed recently unstable and didn't reach what it suppose to be.....

and also i dont have lan router, i;m connected to ISP smartBro here in philippines and connection type of xx/384k, i'm using utorrent for 3 weeks now, the first week i'm satisfy with the speed but now it's unstable and sometimes crashes down to 5kB/s but my up was 30kB/s....

and it says Port 60453 does not appear to be open.

the port was randomed by utorrent was always seems not to be open.. and my

status always in a yellow triagle and doesnt change to green anymore..

is the port relevant for me even i'm not using router?

i'm connected wirelessly, with the antenna from our roof connected directly to my PC...

here's my utorrent's screenshot,


can someone figureout what my problem really is?

thanks BTW....

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