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uTorrent + PeerGuardian, strange seeds/peers question.


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I'm downloading this torrent, it's around 1.5GB, percent currently stuck at around the mid 90's. The first part of the torrent downloaded (and works) fine, I had put these files as 'High' priority, put the rest as 'Normal'. It took around four hours to get to the mid 90's, then dropped to zero up/down. No seeders, peers around 30-50, depending on the time. "Avail." matches the total downloaded. So I can tell that there is not currently enough seeders to finish off the torrent.

Deciding that PeerGuardian could be eating away at some of my seeders, I disabled it. Refreshed the tracker, and to my amazement the Seeders/Peers shown in the ('s and )'s displayed a number in the nine thousands, but still no new seeds to help finish the torrent.

My question is, why when I disabled PeerGuardian did that number jump up in the thousands when I know for sure that the tracker doesn't have that many people seeding/leeching? And is there any advice anyone could give me on finishing this torrent that really doesn't want to finish?


PS: Oh, and one more question, when downloading the .torrent from the website, it stated that there was around 150 seeders, good health. What happened to those seeders?

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