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"Maximum Upload Rate" limit being ignored by uTorrent client


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Hi. First, let me just say I've searched and read every other post on this topic, and found nothing that seems to be working.

Just yesterday, my max upload rate went berserk. When I'm not using the internet, I usually switch it to "0" and then change it back to "35kb/s" when I'm on the web. Approximately 24 hrs ago, however, my uTorrent 1.7.5 client stopped listening to that upload limit and I don't know why.

- "Enable Peer Discovery" is UNchecked

- "Limit local peer bandwith" is checked

- Current "Maximum upload rate" is set to 35kb/s (which is of course being ignored as we speak, as I'm currently uploading 40-50 kb/s)

I've tried:

- Reinstalling uTorrent

- Restarting it

- "Applying" a different (35, 30, 15, 10, etc) "Maximum upload rates" - no luck

Any help would be absolutely fantastic, thanks.

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µT1.7.5b4602 here, having 35 torrents total in queue.

queuesettings is set to 5 max active, 1 downloading. limit uploadrate when seeding goal is reached = 1 KB

While those 35 torrents have in the meantime all reached their seeding goal (100) I have set a few of them in their torrent properties for an maximum uploadrate of 40.

When they circle from active seeding to queued and back, their maximum upload rate is however also set back to the general settings of 1kB.

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it did it again. :(

Switeck please note that i'm complaining that µT is not obeying the limit set by going over it, but by staying UNDER it.

e.g. I set the limit to 40 for an individual torrent (while the global limit in CTRL+P is set to 1 instead of 0 so µT does not stop the torrents, but keeps them with lowest possible speed alive in the queue) but once µT circles this higher set torrent back into the queue and when it comes back some time later it has reverted himself to 1 max up.

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It may be the case that global maximum overrides torrent maximums...IF global maximum is LESS than torrent maximum.

There's some advanced settings concerning slow torrents. If you're limiting them to 1 KiloBYTE/sec upload max after seeding goal is reached, then they may stay active long after they should return to queued status if those special settings aren't disabled.

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