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Still no good speed


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recently ive posted a topic about my download speed.

since then ive been tweaking en changing my uTorrent settings but still it doesn't work.

before this problem i was able to download with a speed of 800/900 KB and my upload was 100 KB.

but now im getting different speeds but most of the time it aint higher then 50 KB sometimes it goes up to 700 KB but then it fals back to 50.

my upload wont go higher then 15 KB .

i dont always have this problem if i download from a private tracker the speed is much better but not as it should be.

i tried different things from tweaking to installing older uTorrent versions and even changed from xp to vista and back to xp.

i always have a green connection light en ports are forwarded correctly.

and the speed tweaks didn't work for me :S

could someone please help me thanks

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i looked it up and i cant find any problem similar to mine most of them had problems while there isp were working on the maintance.

And the other problem is when im downloading with torrents the whole network get a connection time out after a few minutes

i dont use any firewall exept for the standard windows one and i use avast virusscanner.

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what has changed since you experienced bad download speeds? new router? new PC? new operating system?

what does a speedtest say for download AND UPLOAD?

what have you set in utorrent re max upload speed, max connections, max upload slots?

do you see the green circle in utorrent?

test the openoffice torrent: how fast is it and does it stay at that speed?

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nothing has changed when this problem begon.

i have uninstalled avast and that didn't help.

and my download and upload speed is normal when im not using torrents.

it also happens only with some public trackers when im downloading from demonoid my speed is higher not what it was but higher.

i have the green light and the settings are ok i did download the openoffice and i get the same result as if i download from demonoid it is faster but not what it used to be :S

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