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Utorrent stops downloading during the night...


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This is probably simple - I'm about to try Ultima's "how to fix internet interruptions/update trackers" suggestions, but I thought I'd ask because overall everything works great.

When I get up in the morning, utorrent is still running, but all the tracker icons have gone red, and there is no longer any upload or download. All I have to do is to stop utorrent and then restart it and everything is fine and dandy again.

Obviously something triggers utorrent into this "don't do anything - all trackers are red" state, but given all I have to do is stop and restart utorrent to fix it - this makes me wonder if it is something dirt simple to fix.

(Yes, occasionally it will do this after hours running during the day, so I think it is a "length of time running" problem vs. a night-time problem.)

Any thoughts appreciated - and yes, I plan to tweak it with the suggestions here.

I have a LinkSys WRT54GSv4 running Tomato 1.11 - I hope that doesn't have the firmware problem also mentioned elsewhere - I have tried reading a lot before posting.

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Once flakey networking hardware or software gets overloaded, it tends to stay that way till reset. So µTorrent triggers an overload...then runs like junk afterwards. :(

The Troubleshooting Guide is to try to find what triggers the overload.

...Which may not be easy! :(

But my guess is DHT or high half open connection rates in µTorrent do it.

Have you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

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Thanks - I'll check into all your suggestions.

But - it seems odd that simply stopping and starting utorrent fixes all sins - well, I guess rebooting windows does that too.

Wonder if there would be a way for utorrent to realize it is running like junk and then do a pretend restart?

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