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BitTorrent Tracker (Web Dev's Look Inside)


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Hey everyone, open source trackers are in a pretty sad state. If you are interested in developing a PHP based open source tracker with me, I am looking for developers, so hit me up.

My personal experience is mostly front end, but I can also do backend, although not as well.

I have been in some discussion about this over at the Slyck development forums, basically there are three choices. We can use PHP and straight up develop our own tracker, this would then have a limit of around 40, 000 peers. We could use XBT (http://xbtt.sourceforge.net/tracker/) which is a very efficient tracker built in C++, and we would build the admin / front end interfaces in PHP. Last of all is to use Hypercube (http://securep2p.net/index.php/Tracker_Design) but that trackers purpose is to server multiple servers in huge public trackers.

The objective of this project is to not make out own torrent website, but to develop the software, that can be used by users to make their own public/private trackers.

Email: musicluvr [at] hush.ai

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