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Extremely low speeds, rare spikes


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I posted a few weeks ago a topic asking for help, and I'm again having similar problems. Started about a week ago. The speed is almost always 0~15kbps, with very rare spikes, like this (no torrents finished or started during this time; maximum active torrents was set to 2). Happens to all torrents.

I asked my ISP about throttling, and they said they had no restrictions whatsoever. FTP still working fine. However, when µTorrent's running, no matter the downloads' speeds, I can't browse the Internet.

These are the informations I posted on the previous topics:

I recently upgraded my ADSL connection from 300Kbps to 1Mbps (500Kbps upload). However, my download speeds apparently got worse! Open Office, for example, now doesn't get past 15KBps, and it used to be around 30 or 40. I tried 3 other torrents and all of them are slower. FTP downloads go as fast as 100KBps, as expected. Upload speeds are working as expected too.

I have already reconfigured all the settings and read the guides - used the speed guide, disabled DHT and UPnP, set net.max_halfopen to 4 and enabled protocol encryption. The port I'm using for μT is forwarded properly. I'm running Windows XP SP2 with NOD32 and my modem/router is a D-Link DSL500G.

Any ideas?


Edit: I've just noticed that the speed when I start μT is around ~10KB/s, and slowly goes down to 0. Restarting the program makes the speed go back to ~10, but it again eventually stops.

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I have tried both xx/384 and xx/512 and settled with the first, which seems slightly faster. As for the upload speed, no - it's working as expected.

Edit.: This is one of the spikes I mentioned. The upload speed will sometimes go down with the download speed, and sometimes keep stable.

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