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Unaqble to load .... invalid torrent file


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Firstly Hello

i know this topic has been talked about for a long time , however, my problem doesnt match them

i created an iso of a file i wanted to upload to a private tracker, using utorrent 1.7.5. everything went OK at this point, then uploaded the file to the site,

now obviously you have to re download the tracker, so this i did, then tried loading it into utorrent, got said error

re made torrent serveral times, no joy

now if i opened the torrent file i created (not the re downloaded one) it works ok, just says invalid passkey etc , i have downloaded torrent files from this site before , and had no probs with it , other people have upped and downloaded using 1.7.5 to this site, in the same way i am, my utorrent is working ok in any other way

any ideas??

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