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nerv killing nvidia warning - when will it FINALLY be removed ???


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i asked when this nervkilling stupid nvidia warning will finally be removed.

instead of an answer, my question was removed. (this shows the kind of spirit among the utorrent/forum people).

i also saw that others asked the same thing as well, their questions were moved to topic "trash" (if not removed). (again some kind of nazi spirit here)

now i assume you dont like criticism and cant handle it, however, just go ahead and remove this nerv killing nvidia warning.

i never had any problem with the nvidia firewall or network management software.

the only problem is utorrents stupid every start up-popping window that boringly

keeps warning about some none existent nvidia problems.

it is thus nerv killing that i now will return to the (anywayx more featureful)


my nvidia software and drivers work good so far.

the only thing that makes probloems is utorrent, so i have to remover it and use azureus.

i have the slight feeling that i am not the first and not the last doing this.



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You are always free to subscribe to the 1.8ß thread to be kept up-to-date.

Though I must concur about the level of most software firewalls, I do recognize the user's discretion of what to use. HOWEVER: when said software is known to cause problems with the program whose support forum you are posting in, and that software is not the only one to which the firewall interferes, a modicum of restraint and adult behaviour is in order.

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