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Port forwarding, ALL incomming connections come from


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Hi all

I had some trouble setting up port forwarding with my router (acer wlan gw3000). Despite trying everything, it did not work.

I now found out why: the utorrent log constantly reported "ipfilter blocked peer" which is my router address.

After disabling ipfilter, I can now accept incomming connections, but ALL incomming conections appear to be comming from

It seems that at most one such peer with the same IP is able to connect per torrent.

When I log trafic for this IP, the log fills with messages like

[16:06:16] : Disconnect: Banned

[16:06:33] : Disconnect: Same ID

[16:06:48] : Disconnect: Duplicate connection

Is port forwarding supposed to work this way, or is something wrong with my settings?

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