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Downloads are Disappearing


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So I'm having a weird problem..... When I turn open uTorrent, it shows I have 2 torrents that are in the process of downloading. The problem is that after about 1-2 minutes, the torrents disappear. It shows that the download and upload are still taking place, as it shows my speeds changing in the top left corner of the screen as well as in my taskbar. Anybody have any ideas as th what might be causing this? I just want to know how to correct this, as I haven't made any changes to my setup, and am concerned about this. If anybody knows how this happens, or how to correct it, or if I can remove the files, PLEASE let me know.

I've tried uninstalling, then re-downloading and installing uTorrent. It seems my only solution thus far(and it's only temporary) is to exit out of uTorrent, then reopen it. And this only lasts for 2 minutes at most, before the files disappear again.

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