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uTorrent - port problem?


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So here's my problem.

I'm getting a '!' instead of the usual green dot. When I check the port using uTorrent, it says its closed, but when I check it with some other 'port-checker' it says its open...

Sometimes I 'get' the green dot, but that doesn't change the fact that the port which uTorrent uses is (according to uTorrent) closed.

I'm pretty sure I have all ports open on my PC.

Well this may help you to solve the problem.

When uTorrent writes this message:

'Checking port 44959 (or any other port) on 'xxx'...

Error! Port 44959 does not appear to be open.'

Where's 'xxx' there's not my IP!

I'd be grateful for any kind of help.

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