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Down speed is great but upload is ouch...


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Ok, heres the deal. My downspeed is usually around 25mbps and my up is 2mbps. I can download in uTorrent with speeds up to 1mb/sec, but for some reason, when ever I want to seed something. My upload speeds start out great, 100kb/sec, etc or where I cap it at is where it'll stop. This goes on for about 2 minutes, then the upload will suddenly drop to about 40kb/sec. I don't know whats going on and its driving me crazy. I've been at it for about four days now trying to figure out whats wrong. Just last week I had no problems with my upload. I even reinstalled xp to see if that fixed it, nope. Also, I'm using Comcast but I don't have a problem seeding, its just my upload speed shouldn't be capping out at 40kb. Should be a lot more. Can anyone give any ideas or help? I'm going crazy.

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