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uTorrent not recognizing files are downloaded?


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Well, this morning I started uTorrent and I noticed it said it was downloading all my old torrents again. I looked at the file list and it said all of the files were unavailable even though they're all in the folder. I can open the files through the uTorrent window (right click > open) but it still refuses to believe that the file is downloaded.

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Long story short i have the same problem but noticed that if the torrent

contains a map it works ok, if its a single file its starts downloading the file again

and after completion does not move the file to the directory it should

(and where the full copy already is).

Also it does not load torrent by adding torrent menu.I had to drag all my torrents to

my documents where they where loaded. Some (the ones with map) where requested

to use old data , the other ones not recognised as already on disk in " move ready to"


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