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Fix the leeching protection


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This is really irritating. The program seems to have some ridicilous anti-leech code - if I reduce my upload speed, my download speed grinds to a complete halt because the wonderful program seems to think I am trying to leech. If I leave it as is, it saturates my connection resulting in the depicted process.

Please fix this. Torrent sites have ratio systems in place, the program doesn't need one.

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If the area in the status bar to the left of the DHT info reads 'download limited' your upload speed cap is very low and the download speed is limited accordingly.

If you don't want your download speed limited thus, increase your upload speed cap.

or stop using BitTorrent.

The BitTorrent protocol relies on exchange of data by pretty much everyone. If you don't wanna play by its rules then don't play at all. This has nothing to do with any trackers and their rules. Its the way the system works.

If you don't see the 'Download Limited' notice in the status area the µtorrent anti-leech feature is NOT active and something else is the cause of your low download speed. Since this feature kicks in somewhere below 10kb/s and your screenshot displays a speed of more then 80kb/s the anti-leech feature probly isn't your problem.

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Apologies for possible off-topic:

If there's very few peers, sometimes upload speeds remain low precisely because there is nobody to upload TO.

What an excellent reply! You've just answered an un-asked question I had on seeding and not making good use of my transmission rates. =D

Why didn't I think of that?! :lol:

Thankyou!!! =D

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If most of the peers are firewalled and you are also firewalled, you won't be able to connect to any of the firewalled peers and the torrent will seem almost devoid of connections because of it.

You will also see problems as the few unfirewalled peers will be able to download from anyone that connects to them...so they may have their connection maxed out and won't be able to accept fast upload speeds from you. When that happens, it'll seem like there's something wrong with your connection but it's just the other end that's overloaded. :P

You can't tell directly what settings other people are using, although the "default" settings are most common. So seeds may be really slow uploaders period...or they could have their upload speed set to something terrible by choice. Seeders may have their upload set to "unlimited" speed...but put their upload slots like 40, so they upload very slow per person, often disconnect due to overloads, and never run at smooth speeds. Someone's ISP may throttle/block/randomly disconnect BitTorrent connections, so that also hurts your results. Even worse is when you're passing through a hostile ISP but neither your end nor the other end is throttled by your (or their) ISP...the results are the same, but it's almost impossible to determine WHERE throttling occurs.

A lot of people who use BitTorrent are on shared household connections...with possibly other people also using BitTorrent on another computer at the same time! So you may have consistent speed from them for hours on end...and then it just all goes to crap. Nothing you did wrong, nothing on your end, and nothing you can do to fix it. :(

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