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-- Saving Settings before Re-Installing XP


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-- Pls try not to get too upset, I can see ur probably

rolling ur eyes and shaking ur head at this very moment.

+ Let me at least say .. I have truly made, tried, and

done without success my own Searching, Studying, Browsing,

Trying, and close but not quite crying... to figure this out

on my own..

Honestly, this is going to be either my 7th or 8th attempt,

over the course of approx. a year and a half.


' ... from FAQ -

How can I backup my settings?

Simply make a copy of the entire %AppData%\uTorrent folder.

Where are the settings and .torrent files stored?

They are stored in %AppData%\uTorrent. The .torrent files you load are stored there so µTorrent can keep track of your torrents.

What is %AppData%?

%AppData% is a system variable that works on every Windows OS.

To use it, you can either type %AppData%\uTorrent into the Address Bar, or click Start -> Run, and type it there.

... but Still I have been unsuccessful.

I am Especially Interested in the Saving of the Following:

1. My Column Settings.. i get 'em just right, such a drag

to have to do it over and over again.

2. All my Completed DownLoads... I get a looong list of

50 + or so... then I

have to go back to a

blank page.. ( so depressing ).

3. The Reference to my .Torrent Downloads..

As you surely know, this is valuable

information for future reference.

Finally, I hope you can see my sincerity by the amount of effort

and time I have put towards submitting this issue..

--- Pls let me close by saying

I Applaud and Commend All those involved with

this Excellent Application. From the beginning it

has been the Absolute Best. Thank You much.





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If you save your settings from %appdata%\uTorrent, you need to put them back there after you reinstall XP. If you haven't changed the default .torrent file storage directory, then everything you want are located in %appdata%\uTorrent, so backing it up should be sufficient.

Of course, you're not really being clear about what you mean by "without success." In what way is it not working? Are you placing the backed up files in the correct location after reinstalling?

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