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Download speed is under 40kbs with a 2mb connection


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Please help. I can't seem to get any higher download speed than around 40kbs.

I've tried everything it says to do in the stickies, but nothing changes.

Usually I get about between 8-10 peers connected at one time, no more than that. I have half open set at 50, but that doesn't help either.

Usually the speed fluctuates and drops to about 20kbs.

The only time I ever got 250kbs (the highest so far) was when I tried downloading Officeorg as suggested.

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Are you sure your connection can UPLOAD at 186 KiloBYTES/sec?

The xx/2mbit setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) is for 2 megabits/sec UPLOAD bandwidth.

You may only have 256 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth, or the xx/256k setting in Speed Guide.

You definitely don't have 1900 KiloBYTES/sec max download speed...your real max is probably about 250 KiloBYTES/sec.

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