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Please Add AutoBan Feature !


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Hi all !

tank you for u torrent Developing.

i LOVE u torrent !

it is Best Software of Torrents Softwares.

i know some Peers Upload Data with Hash fails by Azureus Software that it is studied for suspension download of the Torrent Files.

I Add some Peers IP to Ipfilter.dat & it is worked but i can not ban all peers because the number of the BAD peers is TOO MANY !

i Suggest that you add Feature named AutoFilterIP OR AutoBanPeer that BAN Peers that cause & Send studied Hash fails .

User must can set Maximum number of Hash fails for every peer that cause Hash fails and if some peer send Hash fails greater than the set number then the peer add in to ipfilter.dat File by Automatically.

thanks for your attention.

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If you're getting more than 5 hashfails on a torrent and it's not banning, it's because it takes the same peer contributing to all 5 for it to get banned.

Pieces can be contributed to by multiple peers. Each hashfail puts a demerit on all peers that contribute. It takes contributing to 5 hashfails (more if they contribute to good pieces and don't hashfail) for a peer to get auto-banned.

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