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Move files when seeding is finished.


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I'd find it useful if when the seeding finishes and the torrent is stopped (eg. the ratio gets to 100% or whatever you set it to), if it could be unloaded and the files moved to another (yet another!) directory.

It would just make maintance easier as I'd know that the files in that directory could be deleted/archived and I wouldn't even have to go into uTorrent (very useful when running uTorrent on a server or something).

Anyway, congratulations on a excellent program!


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Yeah, thats it. Also, the torrent could be removed from the main list in uTorrent. Basically, once its finished seeding, it moves the file and closes the torrent completely.

It would mean that once the file arrives in the [finished seeding] directory, I know that it is no longer in use by uTorrent and I can do want I want with it (delete it, move it etc.).

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OK its pretty simple - if I just keep downloading torrents, my disk gets full. So I go to delete some files, but half of them are still seeding. This means that I have to go through each file in uTorrent, finding the ones that have finished seeding, delete them in uTorrent, then go to the corresponding downloaded file and copy it to DVD etc.

uTorrent is running on a machine tucked away in the basement, without a monitor. With my suggestion, I could just archive/delete the files in this new directory every so often and that would be it.

I dont actually have any need for the current ability to split the downloading/downloaded files - ultimately I just want to be able to split those files in use by uTorrent and those that aren't.

To remove the need for a third directory this could be implemented by including an option to only move the file to the "downloaded" folder once seeding has finished (ie. its met its ratio/time criteria).

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So it's like 1 folder for downloading torrents' date=' another for completed but seeding, then another for totally completed and removed from torrents list?[/quote']

Looks like it, heh. Seems a bit convoluted.. why do you really need this?

A lots of things that one can download comes in ~40-50 big rars, and thats a hell of a diskspace. If something reached 1,5 ratio then I usually delete the files.. of course before this the rars already extracted :)

Now i have to check every directory/file in my dowloads folder to be sure, that i can delete them.. and if you have more than 10 torrents running at the same time, that can be a lilttle difficult, and boring ..

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Yeah, I understand the scene-rules for releases, that's why they rar everything, and then upload to ftp-s .. then , you know :)

I've got 680Gigs of harddrive, but I don't want to have 300 for RARs and 300 for extracted/upacked stuff.. and I've written the reason why I (and a lots of ppl, who haven't realised their need yet ^.^) wants this feature :P

So ludde should implement it. :)

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