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Quick (and possibly stupid) question.


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So I have begun work downloading a certain torrent and out of the available 750 seeders it is only accepting 7 of them.

now I'm wondering is this a problem with my client's configuration or the other users chose to not upload?

Like wise on my other torrent download I'm getting 19 out of 500.

I know for other files uTorrent has always tried to get close to maximum amount of seeders connected. Like, I have seen 67(69) seeders etc. etc.

Thank you for any and all help :)

Edit: uTorrent 1.7.5, Windows XP and Comcast

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I'm hearing that word a lot with problems reported here lately.

However, it's not uncommon on very active and old torrents for the tracker to have "seen" a LOT of seeds that are no longer connected to the torrent...or are firewalled...or are not accepting any more connections (after all, they probably have max if there's 100+ peers out there).

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I have Comcast as well but I haven't had any real problems with them rejecting seeders. For example, just last night I had a dl with over 3000 seeders and my speed reached a whopping 600.0 kB+ and I'm wireless!

Most likely some of the reported seeders probably had their ul's ratio cut back.


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