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Corrupt Resume.dat


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My PC crashed unexpectedly, and unfortunately it seems to have affected uTorrent's resume file. It's detecting it as corrupt (giving it the BAD extension) and basically removed every torrent I had active. I am wondering if there is a way to restore or fix this file manually? Maybe there's a segment in the file that's unfinished and I can simply delete it..

Thanks in advance for any help


Well, I guess there isn't any way to fix it, and I've tried different ways but the file structure itself is kind of unreadable.

If there is a way I'd like to hear it, but as of now I'll just write it off as an unplanned purge of the torrent list and try to get everything I had back up and running. As for why I don't normally purge it anyway, I liked to keep everything I had in the list (as stopped) for logging purposes and to prevent accidental re-downloads of the same file in the future, but it was getting pretty large.

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