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Just Completed torrents recheck to 99.9%


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No, this is not about fake torrents.

I often have the following problem:

- Torrent Completes.

- I get the Balloon "____ torrent completed"

- Torrent is seeding.

- I stop torrent.

- I run Force Recheck.

- Torrent checks at 99.9%

- I download again until it completes again.

- I stop torrent.

- I run Force Recheck.

- Torrents checks at 100.0%

When this occurs, I have rechecked all my other seeding torrents, and they all check out at 100%

This only happens when the torrent first completes.

I have read all previous threads on this, and see other people who are requesting an OPTION that utorrent can automatically run Force Recheck after a torrent completion.

I note that other torrent clients already have the option to run Force Recheck after a torrent completes.

Given all the above, there has to be some problem other than "my hardware".

NOTE: Since there is a workaround - described above - I am sure that it happens more often than is reported - people seem to only report problems that cause them to be "stuck".

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