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Problem Utorrent + router D-Link ports


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Hello to all :). This is my first time around here (as you can notice) so first of all, I'm sorry if the topic is not on the right place. I think it is, but if it's not, please don't close it, just move it, because I really need help :).

So here is the problem... a few days ago, my brother bought a D-Link wireless router (so we can have Internet on the 3 computers without dealing with cables). The problem is that today I tried to download on Utorrent... and I never had problems with the ports... but now, since I have the router, I can't download/upload a single bit :(.

I knew something like this will happen, because a friend of mine has a router too and he can't download/upload nothing with Utorrent, because of the ports.

So, I'm here to ask for help on how to open a port so I can download/upload without problems. Mine computer is the main one (for other words, I have the cables connected to my PC and the others computers only have wireless internet). My router is a D-Link 108G MIMO. My modem is a Motorola USB SurfCable something (I don't remember the whole name). My ISP provides me a dynamic IP every 24 hours. So it means that for today, for example, I have one IP only, but at midnight, it changes to another and so on :).

If you need more info, just ask, but I think this is enough. So please, can someone tell me what I need to do to open ports, so I can use Utorrent? I would really appreciate some help, it's not that I use the program a lot, but it's a lot useful and I want to continue using, if it is possible.

Thanks in advance for reading all of this and for helping if you can :).

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Thanks nkdy :D. My brother read some of the things there, he will try them out this night, it is when he has some free time. He said that we really need to open the ports, he didn't remembered to check that when we installed the router lol.

It is good he understands some stuff about Internet and modems and routers. I'm sure with the help of the site you gave me, we will be able to open the ports. I hope so :D.

Thanks once again, I'll post here as soon as I have any new :)

---------------------------------- EDIT -------------------------------------

Hey, I'm back here :D. I know it was already some time since I last posted here, but only yesterday I was able to open my ports. Yeah, it took some time :).

Now I'm getting some strange things... I'll explain: I have now a port opened in my router (6112) to work with Utorrent. I've selected that port on Utorent and when I check if the port is open, it is green and accepting connections. However (there is always something that is not perfect <_<) I have really slow download speeds... like 5 kB/s or less. And even more weird, sometimes, when I'm doing the "port test" it appears an ERROR and saying that port is not open, bla bla bla. But I still downloading stuff, even with a supposed closed port :S.

Today the port is green and the speeds are really low. Plus, I have a yellow triangle with a ! inside and it says: "No incoming connections. Unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration".

I read your Speed Guide, did it all and stills the same. Should I disable something or try out a new port? This is really annoying, I'm just trying to download a pack of musics and it's taking already 2 hours and 27 minutes with 126 MB of download and 147 of uplaod :S. Please someone help me :(.

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