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Frustratingly slow speeds due to my router or just this torrent?


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I'm downloading a torrent which is 4gb. My patience has let it download to about 30% at an average of 20kb/s... this means i've been downloading for about 24hours.

I want to download and play this freeware torrent asap so i've tried all the common problem fixes listed on this site. Interestingly, the officesuite download test thing reached a normal 50kb/s (crappy australian dsl) however the 4gb torrent continues to fluctuate between 10-20kb/s........

if someone could be so kind to check for me if the crappy speed is due to my router/computer or just a slow torrent/seeders.

link is here: http://seedpeer.com/details/871178.html

the filename is misleading, it's actually a freeware game my friend made

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