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seeding prob:uploads 1MB at a time pausing inbetween for a few minutes


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Hi everyone,

When I try to seed a completed downloaded I can't connect to peers to upload to under normal seeding mode. So I switch to super-seeding mode and almost instantly get connected to the peers trying to leech the files. My problem is it only uploads the file in 1Mb chunk intervals. For example, once I start super-seed it will upload 1Mb to a peer then pause (stop uploading but still stay connected to the peer) for a few minutes then begin uploading again....UNTIL it uploads another 1Mb, which afterwards will pause again for a few minutes (i think the pause is 13 minutes or so). This is very annoying because it's not effectively seeding the file, and over a period of 2 hours I will have only uploaded 9Mb when I can upload up to 100kbps constantly. I'm in ratio hell seeding with utorrent. Anyone know how I can fix this?

I have NO problems whatsoever uploading while I'm downloading the file. This ONLY happens after the final has finished downloading and I'm officially a seeder. I assume it is NOT a problem with my ISP because when I super-seed the same torrent with bittornado 0.3.14a I seed with no uploading problems (30kb~100kb uploads depending on the number of peers connected).

My specs:

ISP: Optimum Online


utorrent version 1.2.2

Thanks in advance to anyone that can make some sense of this.


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Thanks for the quick reply Firon!

Yes, I had peer.lazy_bitfeld already set to true before on utorrent when I posted this problem. I think the reason why I almost have to set it to superseed mode with the few torrents i've been seeding because they were poorly seeded torrents to begin with (1 seed in the swarm). The reason why I didn't suspect my ISP is because it uploads fine with bittornado and bitcomet. I'd rather have it seeded using utorrent because of the obviously greater advantage memory-wise.

Any other ideas, ppl? Am I the only one? cuz I tried searching for a similar prob in these forums with no luck...

my closest hit i got was a post about diskio.delay setting, but that option doesn't exist in 1.2.2 under advanced options


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Thanks for the insight you two. I actually came upon that wiki before when i was trying to solve my initial problem before this which was why utorrent wasn't uploading AT ALL with my torrents after they finished downloading which was what lead me to try super-seeding in the first place.

"Super seeding should only be used by the initial seed on a torrent before any peers complete. Very importantly, it should only be used when the seed both has below average upload bandwidth and is able to accept incoming connections. When there are multiple seeds or the original seed has good upload bandwidth, super-seeding becomes less efficient than standard seeding and should be disabled."


utorrent's attempt at seeding


bittornado's attempt in significantly less time. I'm only going ~9kbps-30kbps cuz I'm dl'ing 4 other torrents taking away a huge chunk of the b/w with their uploading as well (see utorrent pic above).

If you want to know the stats for normal seeding, under utorrent it was 12+hours with nothing uploaded at all. With bittornado in about 8 hours it was 1MB and change... both clients were loaded with the same torrent from the same tracker with only 1 or maybe a few more (couldn't have been many while i was asleep) peers leeching.

I think Firon might be on the right track with the lazy.bitfield option's implementation. But if anyone still has an exact idea of what's up I'd love to hear it. bittornado is taking up 24Mb in system mem with just that one seed (with only 1 peer) while utorrent's only about 6Mb with 5 active torrents. Crazy world of difference with about the same amount of efficiency aside from this one evident problem I'm having.

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