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Vista and the latest version of utorrent


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The latest version works fine on windows xp but on my Vista laptop it works 40% of the time the rest of the time it refuses to boot but and the process remains in my task manager and refuses to shutdown.

My firewall is setup correctly I know I've done it a million times

my router is correctly set to the port its using

my NOD32 imon is setup to exclude utorrent as I read there might be issue with this

My windows vista does have the windows firewall or windows defender running both disabled UAC is also disabled

My laptop is setup fine to let this programe work yet it hangs on closing refusing to shutdown unless I restart and the process in both cases if it doesn't load up the GUI or doesn't shutdown the process refuses to shut down unless I restart.

Any help with this would be appriciated

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This is happening with me, too. Using Vista and uTorrent 1.7.5 with Zonealarm.

uTorrent seems to shut down just fine if it's closed fairly soon after I open it. However, after it's been open a while, more often than not if I try to close it, it immediately switches to "Not responding" and the window will remain open.

Even attempting to kill the process in task manager has no effect. It would seem like it's not downloading or doing anything in this time, just sitting there. It's weird and slightly annoying at times.

Any ideas?

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exactly the same with me. But it's not only uTorrent 1.7.5. Bit older versions don't work ether.

I don't want to resign from NOD32 or Zone Alarm (except switching to ZA SecuritySiute when it will be available for Vista for Free;) so it MUST be sth with uTorrent.

If it mothers at all, I have TOSHIBA U300-130 + Vista Business.

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I have neither of those programs, and I have been having the same problem with utorrent and Vista recently.

If I start utorrent, I can't surf the net (even after I close utorrent. I have to restart my computer). When I close it out, it sticks on (not responding) for a few minutes. ALL my torrents time-out. (I have ran speed tests and my down/up speeds are fine). Things are just extremely weird lately.

Utorrent is my favorite program, so there is no bashing. Just trying to figure out the problem, so I can begin to enjoy the program again.

Thank you.

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