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I think I finally found a way to get some upload speed with Rogers. I am a Rogers extreme user so I get 8mbps down 1mbps up. If you truly want to fix your connection this is what you do. The first things is to read everything in this post http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 And follow all the suggestions that apply to you. Next you can look at my screen shots below to also help tweak your connection. By doing BOTH, the link and my suggestions, you should finally get some upload speed :) (hopefully)

This shows my upload speed. See how it spikes? You will generally get that, but say you let your torrents run all night you should be good.

Edit: It seems that after a while your uploads will level off and will become stable at near maxed out :)


This is my connections preferences. Things to take note of are marked with a red dot.


My BitTorrent preferences.


My advanced settings. Note the half open connections is limited to 4.


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