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bt.auto_ul* settings -- very much confused


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Ok, I thought my English was rather good, but after reading about the bt.auto_ul* settings in the help file, I found out that I was very wrong. In fact I think I can only understand the meaning of bt.auto_ul_factor, which is set to 80 by default. Does that mean it will automatically limit my upload speed up to 80% when I'm downloading (no matter what the download speed is)? Or will it use up to 80% of my total upload speed? I'm not sure what the rest of those settings do... "sliding window" what is that? Could someone explain, please?

Anyway, here's what I would like to achieve:

I want uTorrent to always use as much of my upload bandwidth as possible, because I want to maintain a good ratio on private trackers. I'd rather manually limit my download speed to 20kB/s or something, since I'm never in a hurry to download something.

So, should I set the bt.auto_ul_factor to 0 or to 100 perhaps? And what about the rest of the bt.auto_ul* settings?

/Edit: Never mind. I unticked the "Automatic" checkbox under Preferences-Connection window, which apparently disables any automatic upload throttling. Problem solved.

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