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Wireless + Vista + Port Forwarding = Yellow.


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I'm on a D-Link router, connected to a desktop (Windows XP) via cable -- and I've had no problems with port forwarding all this while, all green on uTorrent, so it's not an issue with my ISP.

Problem arises because I just got a notebook with the dreaded Vista, and have set it up on wireless connection with the same router. I've forwarded a new port (call it B), doing all the necessary port forwarding steps but I'm still showing yellow and no incoming connections.

I've checked and re-checked my port forwarding and the settings are OK - except for the port number (B), it is identical to the desktop's settings (A), which is still working perfectly. On the laptop's wireless connection torrents can work and I am able to download at reasonable speeds for one of those high-speed test torrents -- but the status is still yellow, as is the Port Checker and I'm concerned the speeds will nosedive on less popular torrents.

So I'm wondering it is an issue with wireless connections generally not being able to get green? Or is it Vista? Or wireless connections on Vista? Or an additional setting I need to do for wireless port forwarding?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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