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connecting to seeds/speed issue...


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I have been using Utorrent- currently 1.7.5 - without issue for a very long time, however I have just changed ISP - to Tiscali - and a problem has arisen. Everything seems to be working fine on my Pc internet wise - browsing, streaming, etc - but I am having some serious issues with Utorrent, which is a program I use a lot.

I download files from a private tracker a couple of times a week, and have done for a long time. I would normally be downloading at around 225kb/s and usually several hundred seeds, however since changing ISP last week. Utorrent is showing there is no seeds virtually all of the time, and then on occasion it will pick up 1 seed and will download at a silly rate like 0.8kb/s. This is not at any peak times, this is a constant thing. My tracker status is "Offline(timed out)" I'm sure thats not good, but also I don't know how to rectify it.

My network states it is Ok and has a nice little green dot with a tick in it where it should, I have read through Ultimas troubleshooting guide - and followed all the tips provided - and also phoned my ISP who were very little help, but now I am at a loss as to what to do.

I would be very grateful if someone could inform me how to rectify this problem, or at least give me some indication as to why this is happening.

Thank you in advance.


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